Dialoog met die self: Die labirint as medium van intrapersoonlike kommunikasie Communitas, 2009: 14(1)

ISSN 1023-0556
2009 14: 137 – 150
Zarine Roodt*


This article aims at investigating labyrinth walking as a form of communication with
the self. Based primarily on the concept of self-talk as a distinguishable form of
communication, the author draws a number of conclusions, mainly in relation to the
concepts of listening and meaning. It is inferred that the labyrinth is a communication
medium and that the labyrinth walker as source / receiver is afforded the opportunity
to embrace silence, and to enter into dialogue with the self in the heart of the labyrinth
in order to find meaning in both the personal and transpersonal context. It could be
concluded that the labyrinth is a medium of intrapersonal communication, with the
physical activity of walking the labyrinth a visual manifestation of the process of
intrapersonal communication, and the circuitous process through which we gain access
to our innermost communicative and communicating self.

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