About Me

Zarine Roodt - Author

Having pursued a career in the world of communication, I am now combining this experience with a second career, specifically with aspects of psychology, a discipline I had turned to in the second half of my life.

It has taken me some time to determine where my future focus should lie, and at this point, I combine a number of different strands that suit my nature and talents.  First and foremost, I am a writer – a memoir writer, to be specific.  I am currently busy with my second writing project, having come to serious writing late in my life, and following the publication of my first book last year.  Other than memoir writing, I write regularly as a form of self-expression and I derive much pleasure from travel writing.

I write and teach from a Jungian perspective, as I firmly believe in the tenets of Carl Gustav Jung’s groundbreaking work in depth psychology.  I belong to a small Jungian study circle and pursue my interest in Jung’s work through intensive personal study.

Believing in the importance of sharing one’s own insights and knowledge with others, I lead retreats for women with the aim of reconnecting them to their inner selves and these retreats are always conducted in a nature setting.  Where possible, my retreats centre around a labyrinth – both real and as a symbol of our life’s journey.  Convinced of the psychological and spiritual benefits of labyrinth walking I incorporate these in my retreats.  Other than practicing labyrinth walking as a form of moving meditation myself I view myself as a “labyrinth connector”.  In this respect I owe credit to Kimberly Saward’s explanation of people’s differing relationships with labyrinths, and it is my understanding that, as a connector, I number amongst those who connect with the labyrinth on a deep personal level, while also connecting – or weaving together, if you will – individuals and groups with similar interest in labyrinths.

I recently developed the concept of a “Heroine’s Journey” into a workshop format which is aimed at facilitating women’s search for personal meaning in the mid-life transitional phase and I am in the process of scheduling these for 2016.

One of my research interests is the use of writing as a form of therapy.  I completed a master’s dissertation on this subject in addition to a master’s degree in communication science.  I consider myself fortunate to have been able to attend two workshops on writing therapy presented by one of the UK’s foremost exponents, Victoria Field, a registered poetry therapist.

I am currently a research fellow in the Department of Communication Science at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

I try to maintain a balance in my life by keeping a weekly journal, attending regular tai chi sessions, as well as spending time on my own in the tranquil garden at Oliewenhuis Art Museum.